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Chippewa Candy Shop came to life in, August of 2015. The previous winter, Dan and Amber Sweeney along with their children, were attending the Christmas Parade in downtown Chippewa Falls. They were sitting at the post office, freezing from the cold temperatures, wishing for a hot chocolate. Dan noticed that the building across the street, formerly known as Rada’s Menswear, was for sale. Dan always wanted to own his own business, so he went right to work at creating a candy & coffee shop for all to enjoy. They understand the importance of small business and want to make Chippewa Candy Shop a landmark of Chippewa Falls.

Sugar Free Caramels Chippewa Candy
Truffles Chippewa Candy Shop
Gummi Bears Chippewa Candy Shop
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
Jars & Jars of candy Chippewa Candy
Lollipops Chippewa Candy Shop
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